I wasn't expecting a whole lot when I sat down with Spirit Medium Maureen Hancock, but the things she knew blew my mind!

I had never talked with any kind of medium or psychic before so I was a little nervous to start with. Plus most of my family is still alive so I had no idea who she was going to try and reach for me.

She found somebody. According to Ms. Hancock it was my dogs that were trying to communicate with her, which is totally believable. Let me explain.

I grew up on the highway, so I had a lot of dogs, some more meaningful than others and I am one hundred percent convinced that one of those mangy mutts was trying to talk with me through Ms. Hancock! She even went into detail about his looks (Black and white) and his breeding (a little bit of everything).

Although it was a pretty mind blowing experience, but I still believe most of Ms. Hancock's answers were educated guesses. Really well educated guesses.

Maybe someone was telling her the answers. We may never know!