Soundgarden's first-ever official live album Live On I-5 is in stores today. The set's made up of live cuts from the band's 1996 West Coast tour and is named after Interstate 5 which (go figure) is the main Interstate Highway along the West Coast. The band originally planned on releasing the album just after the tour, instead the band disbanded and the tapes sat in the studio untouched for years.

Here's the full tracklist:

1. Spoonman

2. Searching with My Good Eye Closed

3. Let Me Drown

4. Head Down

5. Outshined

6. Rusty Cage

7. Burden in My Hand

8. Helter Skelter

9. Boot Camp

10. Nothing to Say

11. Slaves and Bulldozers

12. Dusty

13. Fell on Black Days

14. Search and Destroy

15. Ty Cobb

16. Black Hole Sun

17. Jesus Christ Pose

I gotta say that's a hell of a's the guys doing their first reunion show in Seattle last year: