Are you clumsy?  Do you get regular boo-boos?  The RockShow wants to know what kind of dumb stuff you’ve done to compromise that flesh suit your wearing?  Did you trip, burn, or break something.  Maybe you’re just the “master of the paper cut”. Here’s an opportunity to tell us about your misfortune so maybe somebody will give you a little pity and say “poor you”!  So tell us, When was the last time you hurt yourself?

We’d love to have your answers, we read many of them back over the air. More general info about the “Smokin’ Poll” after the jump.

The RockShow wants to know! We ask the Smokin’ Poll question each day at 6:10 and we ask again, as well as go through some of answers each weekday at about 9:35. Don’t be surprised if we use your answer or your name on the air. We love to give props to everyone who contributes! You can hit our Facebook right here.