Look into his eye, you can literally see how big of a fan he is.

People show their fan loyalty in different ways. I like tattoos, so I have a Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Orioles tattoo. I also have a Dallas Mavericks tattoo that I let you guys pick out. Thanks for picking out the my little pony logo, you won't believe the looks I get at the gym now.

Bill Vadenbush is a die hard fan like myself, he claims to have been a Seahawks fan since the team first moved to Seattle in 1976. He lost his right eye and use of his vocal cords serving in Vietnam. However, Bill seems to have a positive outlook on his Seahawks accessory.

"I believe that even though I have been totally disabled, I try to have a good time with it," VandenBush said. "With the voice and eye, I try to make the best of it. You have to play the cards you're dealt. I volunteered to go to Vietnam, this is what happened, I have to live with it. I could be bitter and angry, or I can just have a good time with it."