A New Jersey woman is being charged with child endangerment after bringing her 5-year-old with her to a tanning salon.

It all started when a school nurse inspected the child and saw that she had a sunburn. The child stated that she had been tanning with her mom, and that’s when authorities stepped in. Employees of the tanning salon state that the child was never in the room or the tanning booth with her mother, yet the story has become a media sensation.

Patricia Krentcil doesn’t look like your average woman who tans from time to time. She’s almost scary to look at, and some are calling her “tanorexic.” Because of her deep tan, some are questioning whether or not her love of the tanning bed is something she would subject her child to.

As someone who has used tanning beds herself, I can honestly say that I’ve never tanned so much that I looked like this woman, nor would I want to. When people use tanning salons, I hope they are able to look in the mirror and say when enough is enough.

That’s not the case for Krentcil. Take a look and let me know what you think about it.

Here is a news report about the mom that allegedly took her 5-year old daughter tanning: