This was seriously the most eerie thing I have ever seen watching sports.

If you are a Dallas Stars fan like myself this week was supposed to be amazing. Dallas Stars come off of a huge win after retiring Mike Modano's number 9. As of right now are the eighth seed in the playoff race. Also picking up a nice dependable backup goalie with Stanly Cup experience before the trade deadline.

Unfortunately things went from amazing to pretty terrible. During Saturdays game starting goalie Kari Lehtonen suffered a concussion. A player on the Wild went crashing into the goal and forced Lehtonen's helmet off. Lehtonen's now unprotected head went slamming into the goal and he was out the rest of the game. He his day to day and did not play in last nights game.

So last night I do what I always do, watch Stars pregame and get ready for the game to start. Nothing but good memories seeing all the highlights of Mike Modano's jersey retirement ceremony. Then the game starts, I go to the fridge to get a beer to watch the Stars whoop up on the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Blue Jackets take an early 1-0 lead in the first period, but its all good a lot of time left in the game. Then the weirdest thing happened.

You see every player on the Dallas Stars bench banging their sticks against the boards. I thought a fight had broken out, but then I see players running to the locker room. Something very terrible must have happened. The refs stop the game and no one has any idea on what is going on. Seriously, Fox Sports Southwest went silent at the incident saying we are waiting on updates from the Dallas Stars organization.

Ten minutes go by with no update. Twenty minutes goes by when one of the announcers notices that player Rich Peverley is the one missing and they talk about his preexisting heart condition. I am going to be honest with you, I thought he died. The way everyone was reacting it was the strangest thing I have ever seen watching sports. After thirty minutes we finally get an update saying Rich is conscious on his way to the hospital.


Rich is in stable condition in the hospital right now. However the game last night against the Blue Jackets was cancelled. I agree that it should have been cancelled. I could not imagine going back into a game and playing after what happened. Peverley will be out at least three weeks according to doctors. However the Stars have to get right back into it tonight. The Stars take on the Blues tonight at 7 on Fox Sports Southwest, pregame starts at 6:30. No word yet on when the game last night will be rescheduled.

Watch the Footage of the Incident During the Stars Game Below: