If you’re wondering whether or not Saving Abel’s new album is worth buying, the band is giving you a chance to check it out online. Bringing Down the Giant hits stores today, and just before its release, the band made the full album available for streaming at AOL Music.

The band recently shot a video for the title track to their album, and filmed in their hometown of Corinth, Mississippi. They used residents of that town to rally together for the band's anti-bullying message, with one such resident stating on Saving Abel's YouTube channel that the band was down-to-earth and fun to work with.

This album is a follow-up to their 2010 album, Miss America, and I checked it out to see how it sounded and was surprised. Some part of me was expecting something heavier on this album, maybe something a little different, and that’s not the case with Bringing Down the Giant. I do like the sound, however, and though I’ve never purchased a Saving Abel album, this may be the one.

Though I could do without the song “Pine Mountain.” It’s just not my thing.

Have a listen and see what you think. Is the album worth putting money into? Do you think this album sounds like their previous albums, or have they mixed things up a bit?

Stream Bringing Down the Giant on AOL Music.