It’s easy to think of our favorite rock stars as being different than us. We don’t want to think of them sitting on a toilet, brushing their teeth, going shopping for socks, browsing the supermarket for the perfect tomato, or filling out a doctor’s excuse for their kid after accompanying that kid to the dentist. While we may place our favorite celebs on a pedestal, we’re also easily amused by them making asses of themselves and falling down. On stage. In front of a lot of people.

It’s some pretty big names that do this. There’s Axl Rose, Vince Neil, Slash, Bret Michaels, and more.

A part of me truly feels bad for someone who falls on stage because it’s really embarrassing. There’s another part of me that says that everybody likes seeing people fall, whether it’s our friends, our enemies, or a random person on the street. I’ve been known to fall down myself, and it’s always while I’m sober. That makes it even worse.

So in the spirit of laughing at people who aren’t me, and watching them fall, here’s a collection you’ll enjoy.