I knew it was gonna be a good show when Korn and Rob Zombie announced the Night of the Living Dreads tour would roll through Kay Yeager Coliseum last Saturday Night (11/16), but to be perfectly honest, it was even better than I expected.

The first clue that it was going to be a night to remember was when I saw the line of people that wrapped around three quarters of the KYC. I've been to a lot of shows there and I've never seen that many people lined up before the doors opened. The masses translated to decibels as the crowd were in full throat by the time openers Scar the Martyr took the stage.

Scar the Martyr Live in Wichita Falls (©TSM)

Even though Scar the Martyr just released their self-titled debut album, the band are made up of veterans of the stage, most notably Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. Jordison brought tons of energy with his signature style, not to mention road-savvy guitarists Jeb Simon and Kris Norris both have a huge stage presence and newcomer vocalist Henry Derek more than proved he belongs on the big stage. The crowd embraced the band wholeheartedly and many showed their appreciation by lining up at the merch table in hopes of meeting the guys after their set.

Rob Zombie Live in Wichita Falls (©TSM)

Rob Zombie was next up and since he was making his second appearance in the Falls, most of the crowd thought they knew what to expect from his set, but I'd say he surpassed expectations this time around. From the opener, 'Dead City Radio' to staples like 'Dragula' and 'Living Dead Girl', the 48-year-old frontman proved he can still run with the young'uns and even one-upped the other vocalists when he made an epic lap around the floor during guitarist John 5's solo. Let's just say Korn had their work cut out for 'em after the ol' Living Dead Man's set.

Even though Zombie electrified the crowd and left a lot of people wondering if Korn could follow-up such an intense set, the band delivered big time. They did the best thing they could've done in my opinion by opening up with 'Blind', the song that introduced many fans to the band when they threw in Korn's self-titled debut album for the first time. From the moment Jonathan Davis belted out, 'Are you readyyyyy???!!!', it's clear you better be or get the hell out of the pit because it's about to get crazy in there. And delightfully crazy it was.

Korn Live in Wichita Falls (©TSM)

But as intense as Korn's (and the other bands for that matter) set was, I didn't notice anyone getting out of hand and being escorted out of the Coliseum - something I'm sure was a bit of a shock to the show's organizers considering that a very reliable source told me the WFPD were all-hands-on-deck the night of the show. Their first time in Wichita Falls, Korn delivered a memorable set that included stalwarts like 'Freak on A Leash' and 'Got the Life' along with more unexpected tracks like 'Y'all Want a Single' and 'Twist'.

At the end of the night, a Rock concert hungry crowd got their bellies full, but in true Wichita Falls fashion they're already wondering when the next show's coming to town. With the turnout being so good, I'm betting we'll have an answer for 'em sooner rather than later.

Check out pictures from the Korn and Rob Zombie concert in Wichita Falls: