As a self-proclaimed sports dude I pride myself on not only being a sports fan, but also an analyst. Ok… maybe analyst is a little strong of a title. Armchair Quarterback… hmm no that’s not right either… Oh who gives a crap. I pride myself on knowin’ a little somethin’ about somethin’ when it comes to the world of sports. So

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With that said let the Ripper lay down some soon to be factual information. Here is my rundown of the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. That’s right some take it straight to the bank, or the bookie predictions about just who will be lifting the Lombardi trophy here in a mere 4 weeks.(DISCLAIMER I feel it is necessary to note that I am and forever will be a Denver Broncos Fan)

Divisional Playoffs:

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots:  For much of the year the Texans were the best team in the AFC. They have a stellar Defense lead by a behemoth defensive Lineman J. J. Watt and an excellent running game based on the legs of the vegan demon Arian Foster. With that said there are two very important things they don’t have… Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.  Patriots win 34-24

Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos: The Baltimore Ravens always seems to be a team that never quite live up to its full potential. Personally I blame that on their QB Joe Flacco. Flacco, by the way, is NOT an elite QB in the NFL despite what he thinks of himself. They did however impress me with a dominating performance over a Colts team that had everything to play for and nothing to lose. With Ray Lewis back at MLB they have a chance… but ultimately Peyton and the Orange Crush D will be too much in the mile high cold. Broncos 30-27

Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers, at times look like the best, most complete team in football, and at other times…they are like Josh Hamilton. A lot of hype and buildup… but ultimately it ends in disappointment. (in Hamilton’s case usually a strikeout) The Packers on the other hand have a so so defense and virtually no running game, yet have one of the most dynamic passing games in the NFL. This game will come down to two things… The Pack’s O-line and their ability to keep Rodger’s upright, and 49ers QB Colin Kapaernick’s decision making. Ultimately… everybody’s favorite State Farm spokesperson, Aaron Rodgers will discount double check the Packers to a win 35-21

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons: This matchup is a cool one in the fact that it matches a notoriously bad road team against a team that has been absolutely dreadful in home playoff games in recent history. The Seahawks have a truly amazing story in their 5’11” (maybe) rookie QB Russell Wilson, but this team is built on a crushing running game and stingy defense. Their offense put up a ton of points toward the end of the year and they did win a road game last week against a hobbled RG3 and the Redskins. That being said Atlanta is maybe the best team no one has talked about all year long. You have to pick your poison against them because offensively they can do it all. Their defense plays better than they are given credit for as well. It’s all a matter of whether QB Matt Ryan can live up to his nickname, ‘Matty Ice’, and finally win that elusive home playoff game. I think he does Atlanta wins 31-10