In not so surprising news Rex Brown has confirmed that he is no longer with Down. He had this to say to Patrick Musumeche in an interview with over the weekend:

I'm officially out of the band. Things came to a head and they're better off doing what they're doing. They've got Patrick Bruders playing bass and I kind of lost my passion after a while. There were some other problems that we had to address and it just turned out better that we just parted ways.

Of course, this only reinforces what Down drummer Jimmy Bower told last week:

It's a real delicate situation, because what he went through was really…I mean, he's got a scar from here [points to his stomach] all the way to here. We just wish him to find peace within himself and be healthy, and we weren't seeing that for DOWN.

There are two things you can take from this. Either Rex is still hitting the bottle pretty hard since he was diagnosed with pancreatitis back in 2009 and the band doesn't want to promote his self-destructive behavior or he didn't have time to tour with Down, but made time for his other project Kill Devil Hill and the guys weren't happy with him for that. I could be wrong, but that's just the impression I get.

Rex will now be focusing all of his attention on Kill Devil Hill, his project with Vinny Appice on drums, Mark Zevon on guitar and Jason Bragg on vocals. Here's a taste of what to expect from the band's debut album: