I feel bad for what happened to this guy. Glad the team did something for him. 

Bill McMillen is a gate guard at Globelife Park for the Texas Rangers. Basically one of those guys that helps you find your seat and keeps an eye on fans during the game. Bill had a situation in his section last weekend. A fan was smoking in the main concourse just outside his section. Bill asked the man to move to the smoking section not too far away.

That is when the fan dumped his beer on Bill. Stuff like this has happened to Bill before, but it's usually after a game. When fans are not allowed to leave the stadium with their beer. A fan snapped a photo of Bill in his wet attire and it went viral.

Bill said he didn’t want to speak publicly about the incident, or the outpouring of support that’s happened. Players Mitch Moreland and Ian Desmond, coaches Steve Buechele and Spike Owen and manager Jeff Banister all thanked McMillen for his sometimes thankless job.

McMillen also got to go out onto the field for the first time in the six years he’s worked at the ballpark. He and Smith were on the mound together as he threw the first pitch before Monday’s Mariners-Rangers game.