From the mind of Josh Homme comes 'If I Had a Tail', the new one from Queens of the Stone Age, and today we determine if the tune is worthy of regular airplay.

QOTSA's new album, ...Like Clockwork, is a dark one and dark doesn't typically translate to radio-friendly. Then again, there's nothing typical going on in rock these days. You look at the charts and there are plenty of slow, melancholy songs dominating the airwaves. I dunno, maybe people are feeling a little down here in 2013 and since music is all about feeling, they're gravitating toward tunes that match their emotions.

While Queens of the Stone Age haven't had a lot of radio success, they're arguably one of the most important acts in rock today thanks to a large and extremely loyal fan base. And considering much of their fan base are radio listeners, you expect the band to eventually have another hit to sit alongside 'No One Knows' in regular rotation for years to come.

Check out 'If I Had a Tail' and tell us whether to crank it or yank it.