I can't wait to announce a rock group on air that is signed to PornHub records now.

Apparently, Coolio released a music video for PornHub called 'Take it to the Hub', earlier this month. I missed this and would probably not recommend watching this one at work. Well this was just a taste of what we could expect from PornHub in the music scene. Get ready, PornHub records is now a thing.

PornHub is asking for some help in writing a new anthem for their record label. The winner, who will be selected by a panel of “high-profile artists,” will receive $5,000 to make a video to premiere on Pornhub.tv. They guarantee 500,000 views for the winner’s clip, and with 40 million daily views.

The company’s head of PR and Marketing, Matt Blake, said in a statement, “We’ve always had a strong music presence from the beginning of PornHub. Artists upload their own stuff, like uncensored tracks and R-rated versions of songs. Some people come in and upload exclusive videos, so it creates a buzz for them.”

Best of luck to them in the music business and if it fails. The porn thing will work out just fine I am sure. Also brought a smile to my face this morning being on the company computer being on PornHub. Hey guys, doing research over here on the new record company.