I guess someone was watching 'Breaking Bad' and thought it looked simple enough to try out.

When you are retired, you have a lot of spare time. The stereotypical thing is taking up a new hobby, like cards or golf. Well this guy decided he wanted to make some money in his retirement. I guess he was one of these live to work people.

Robert Short, was pulled over for a traffic violation on Saturday night when police found a whole slew of drug related items. When police later searched his apartment in a retirement community, they found even more. Specialized task force members were called to the apartment, Sargent James Rios said, and “based on what they saw, they believed the suspect was possibly manufacturing meth.”

"This is the first time and hopefully only time that this will happen," said Guillermo Moreno, an assistant to the administrator, Barbara Eubanks."We are shocked," Eubanks added. "Everyone in this village is shocked." I guess if this guy gets out of prison he should rent a Winnebago to cook his meth, I hear that's the best way to do it.