It’s seemingly set in stone — Philip Anselmo and Vinnie Paul won’t be talking anytime soon, if ever. However, we still wanted to hear some positivity between the two metal legends, so we asked Anselmo about the traits he admires most about his onetime Pantera bandmate.

When Vinnie stopped by our studio to play a round of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?,’ the drummer confirmed he plans on never speaking to Phil Anselmo again. Obviously, that means no Pantera “reunion” that many in the metal world desire to see,  but, hey… if Guns N’ Roses can mend fences, perhaps there's hope for Pantera, as well?

Anselmo spoke about Vinnie’s professionalism throughout Pantera’s career. “While the rest of us were drunken buffoons, [Vinnie] had to drive, he had to settle at the end of the night, he had to do all of that type of work that a tour manager would have to do,” Phil said. “He was always a business guy. Very, very, very smart businessman.”

Phil also spoke of Vinnie’s proficiency in the recording studio. After producer Terry Date would put in 24 hours of time behind the board, Vinnie would often take over and record Anselmo’s vocal parts. “Vince would come in and he would always have a great attitude,” Anselmo added. “You can’t be negative when you’re behind the glass … He was very encouraging, very easy to work with in that capacity. I give him giant props there and it taught me a whole lot about being in the studio later on in life — keeping things light.”

Check out the full clip of Philip Anselmo praising Vinnie Paul in our exclusive video above!

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