Its official, everyone is singing this stupid 'Let it Go' song everywhere.

I have not seen the movie 'Frozen' yet, but everyone is saying this is the greatest Disney movie ever. Coming from the generation the grew up with 'Aladdin', 'The Lion King', 'Beauty and the Beast', I just find it hard to believe that 'Frozen' could be better. I am probably just biased.

Not having seen the movie, I probably should not have heard this song as much as I did. However I feel like I know every word, how is that possible? Well everyone has been making 'Frozen' remakes or parody videos. I think it would take you an entire lifetime to watch every 'Frozen' remake on YouTube.

Well the guys in Pearl Jam are on tour in Italy right now and they decided to add a little something to their concert. Towards the end of the song 'Daughter' they added the chorus from 'Let it Go'. I guess Eddie Vedder really likes Disney movies.

Check Out Pearl Jam Singing 'Let it Go' Below: