The University of Oregon student body just wanted to have a snowball fight and then things got out of hand.

The video starts out simple enough with people throwing snowballs at each other and then a car comes down the street. Now if you have seen the movie 'Waynes World' you know the rules in this scenario. Someone yells car, you let the car drive by and then you yell game on. Well this did not happen people started pelting the car with snowballs. Which happens, I used to do this as a kid myself. What happens next, I never did.

People start standing in front of the car and are literally dumping buckets of snow on the car. One man gets out of his car and gets pelted with snowballs. Some people have been identified in the video and charges are being filed. One is a University of Oregon football player who is now suspended.

Check Out the Snowball Fight Below: