On April 7th Queen for a Day makes its return to The Iron Horse Pub for a special one night only reunion with Minor Prophets opening . The tribute band, which focuses on music from the 1973-1981 era of the popular rock group Queen, is a four piece that is so spot on with the original band that if you close your eyes you would swear you had traversed time and space and were singing along with queen live at Wembley stadium in 86' . Lead Guitarist Brian Harris' impersonation of Brian May's licks are spot on. Bassist Jimmy Cleaver pulls double duty not only handling John Deacon's bass riffs masterfully but he also fills in singing Roger Taylor's backup vocals seemingly with ease. The real star as it was with Queen's Freddy Mercury is lead singer and pianist Gregory Finsley who is so accurate in his impersonation of Mercury both vocally and with his physical portrayal that you would think they were long lost brothers.

The band is no longer touring together but that didn't stop them agreeing to play at least one last show at the Iron Horse, and if the energy and excitement from their past few performances (which I attended) are any indication I definitely know why. I still claim that the first time I had the chance to experience QFAD at the The Iron Horse Pub 3 years ago on St. Patrick's Day that it was the best live show I have ever seen. That includes seeing music legends like Willie Nelson and Eric Clapton.

If you are not a huge Queen fan:

First of all, What the Hell is the matter with you?

Secondly, its cool cause they will slip in some tunes from other rock legends such as Zepplin, ZZ Top, and occasionally some Stevie Ray Vaughn.You just need to experience it for yourself.

The Iron Horse is always packed when QFAD comes to town so be sure you get there early next Saturday April 7th. You can reserve your table now.Do yourself a favor and make sure you experience this show because it may be your last chance.Feel free to comment me back or shoot me an email if you would like more details or if you checked out their show

As Always  I will see you there or I will talk to you on another time.