A guy in Niagara Falls went to Denny’s this weekend, presumeably because he had the munchies, and when he tried to pay for his meal with weed, he struck out.

It all went down on Saturday afternoon, when the man approached the cashier and offered her $1 in cash and a bag of marijuana to cover the remainder of his $9.91 meal. There’s no word as to what he was going to tip his waitress, but the cashier wouldn’t take his offering.

The man didn’t stop there. When his first attempt was unsuccessful, he began asking other patrons if they would purchase the loot from him, and when police were called, the dude ran for a nearby forest. Unlucky for the man, someone recognized him and gave police the information they need to track him down.

As of yet it sounds like no arrest has been made, but in addition to attempted selling of the drug, he also has a dine-and-dash that he’ll probably be charged with. After all, getting arrested for weed and bacon is what everyone strives for, right?