Everyone loves promotion night at the ballpark. Even if your team loses at least you walked out of the stadium with some free stuff. Well the New York Mets should have just cancelled this promotion.

Now in case you do not follow baseball, former Texas Ranger, Marlon Byrd got traded to the Pirates from the Mets the other day. Which is fine, the Mets are not going anywhere this year and they got some good prospects out of the trade. Here is the problem, Tuesday is Marlon Byrd T-shirt night at the ballpark, awkward.

So Citi Field is going to be filled with people wearing white Marlon Byrd T-shirts, who will be all the way in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. I just imagine the owner of the Mets saying screw it we already bought the shirts. I also think it is funny the shirt says "Let it Fly". Foreshadowing?