In 2009, Quantic Dream released "Heavy Rain", a Playstation exclusive game that redefined what many people look for in an game.  Instead of a usual action game, "Heavy Rain" combined quick time mini-games with photo-realistic graphics and a cinematic story.  Apart from the addicting gameplay and interesting crime solving story, "Heavy Rain"received a lot of attention for its visual style, using motion capture and facial scans to create the video game characters.  Before "Heavy Rain" was released, Quantic Dream released a Tech Demo called "The Casting", featuring an actress auditioning for a role.  The actress playing the actress would later be used as a pivotal character in "Heavy Rain".  This tech demo was designed to show exactly what players would see on their systems during gameplay, not cutscenes, so the entire demo was designed and played back on a Playstation 3 in real time, not using pre-rendered graphics (normally used in cutscenes).

"Heavy Rain" was released to a huge reaction from the fans, praising the graphics and the engaging story with the crazy twist (SPOILER WARNING!) that the serial killer you are hunting is actually one of the four characters you control.  Though the overall base story of "Heavy Rain" was the same every time you played it, the story is unique in that it allows for the death of any, or even all, of the main four playable characters, adjusting the ending accordingly depending on what characters survive, if the serial killer is caught, if the final victim is saved, etc.

Since the release of "Heavy Rain", there has been plans for a feature length movie adaptation, but the fans have been more interested in either a sequel to "Heavy Rain", or a different game using the same game engine.  Though a new game has not been announced, fans are optimistic after Quantic Dream's release of their new tech demo named "Kara".  From this demo we can see an improvement of the graphics from three years ago, again being designed and played back in real time on a Playstation 3.  In this demo, Kara is an android being assembled and ran through several system tests.  Problems arise when Kara becomes self-aware.  Again, this is not a trailer for a new game, just a demo do show off Quantic Dream's capabilities.  But going by Quantic Dream's pattern from last time, there's a chance a new game is in the works and will be announced shortly.  According to IGN, the part of Kara was performed and voiced entirely by actress Valorie Curry, with the exception of the foreign languages which called for other voice overs.