I will take Dallas Cowboys facts for 100 Dan.

Yes the show that constantly makes me feel stupid on a daily basis is getting a version that I may actually be able to participate in. 'Sports Jeopardy!' will be coming to the Crackle streaming service later this year. If the people at 'Jeopardy!' were worried about having people sign up for the show, over 25,000 people have already registered.

Only 150 people will be needed for that first season, but still this is awesome. I would have a chance to test my sports trivia knowledge. Granted it only extends to the Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars and Orioles. 'Sports Jeopardy!' is set to become the first weekly quiz show to air original content on a connected television or streaming video platform.

"It seems that all of the fantasy sports addicts have found a way to cash in on all that invested time: by auditioning for 'Sports Jeopardy!,'" Patrick told TheWrap. "Only the strong survive, so good luck to all the potential contestants and I'll see you on the front lines." Time to bust out that "Grays Sports Almanac" and study it like I am Biff Tannen.