It seems like there have been a lot of naked people in the news lately. A man in Pennsylvania is the next to join that list, but this time it wasn’t a naked car chase or leaked celebrity photos – he was arrested while shopping in Walmart.

Video surveillance shows Verdon Taylor pulling into the parking lot and proceeded to strip down to nothing. He then walked into the store, found a pair of socks to put on, and just walked around the store for a while.

People avoided Taylor when they came across him, and when police were called in, he didn’t want to cooperate with them. It was after he spit in an officer’s face that a stun gun was used, and now he’s being charged with aggravated assault and indecent exposure.

I’m not sure what it is lately, but a lot of people seem to be getting arrested while naked. Am I missing out on some trend that nobody’s told me about?