With over 6,000 students attending Midwestern State University here in the Falls there are multiple fraternities, recreational and academic clubs, organizations and special interest groups to choose from while you work toward your degree.

One recent addition to these options is the Mixed Martial Arts special interest group. Students who have experience in various arts are able to come together and practice their discipline with other individuals in a safe environment.

Head gear, mouth-guards, proper wrapping (wrist protection) and gloves are not an option. Students come together and discuss collectively what rules promote the safest environment and elect peers to oversee these safety rules are upheld. Sparring and/or grappling is done in a boxing ring, or on thick 2 inch mats that provide optimal safety for participants. All matches are observed by a third party who keeps time for the match and remains engaged for the duration, observing that all safety rules are practiced.

This special interest group is diverse in its goals, and sparring and grappling are not the only function. Students of this group seek to establish comradery both in and outside the ring. The students are meeting this weekend coming at a local cinema to relax together and watch a movie.

Both men and women make up this team of individuals and diversity in background and experience is the objective.

If you are a student at MSU and are interested in joining this special interests group please email the president of the group - Blake Muse - at jackyspades@hotmail.com

Or facebook us at https://www.facebook.com/MsuMartialArtsClub?fref=ts