You may enjoying watching tons of women in bikinis and dresses try to impress you with their "talents" but ask yourself this, what is the point of these Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants? Besides getting the chance to trot a bunch of beautiful(usually) women around in front of a few cameras. Other than their looks though, what do these girls have going for them? I'm sure not all fall into the same category but I would describe most of them as having limited mental capabilities. Which is exactly what makes this post to great.

Now I'm fine with the beauty pageants and stuff if they are making women feel good about themselves but do we really need to be asking these girls what they would do about the problems in the middle east? Or their opinion on the budget deficit and their solutions. You know they have no idea what your talking about. Some are smart enough to take a politicians stand and just talk about everything but the question, but other aren't so lucky. Asking these questions may not be the best way to find the most beautiful woman in the contest, but the answers that these girls give in response make it seem justified. So check out a couple of the dumbest answers ever given at a Miss Anything pageant. (I saved the best for last).