Some kid did not take a dump in the splash pad, the splash pad took a dump on the kid for once.

Everyone knows water parks aren't the cleanest places on Earth. Officials in northern Michigan had to issue a health warning on Sunday, because of a children's water park in Traverse City. At some point over the weekend, a backup in the sewage system caused the park's attractions to start spewing contaminated sewage water.

No one realized it until Sunday morning, when a worker noticed that the water in the park's reservoir was cloudy and had, "floating debris" in it. The county's environmental health director said that as far as he knows, no one has gotten sick from it yet, but that anyone who might have come in contact with the water should see a doctor if they start feeling sick to their stomach.

He added that they should also take a thorough shower. I am sorry no amount of soap along with the hottest water on Earth would ever make me feel clean again.