If you weren't totally pumped up for the Olympics yet, this story is sure to get you going. Mexico will be sending an athlete to compete in the 2014 Sochi Olympics! Even though most Mexicans don't even know what snow is. It gets better though.

55-year old Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe will be representing Mexico in the slalom at the big games for his sixth time, making him the second oldest Olympiad in history. And yes, I said PRINCE Hubertus von Hohenlohe.

This guy is apparently from a royal family of a German principality that hasn't existed for 208 years, but he still gets to call himself prince.

While he may only be one eighth Mexican, he was born in Mexico, mostly because his family thought it would be cool to have a Mexican in the family, but that's good enough qualifications for him to compete for his homeland in the Olympics.

Hohenlohe has competed in the games several times, the first time being in 1984, when he became the first Winter Olympiad for Mexico since their 1928 bobsled team, which sounds like a genius idea for Cool Runnings 2.

He has never won a medal and he really isn't expected to this year but at least he's trying, and at least his uniform is super awesome.

Hohenlohe may have been born Mexican, but he grew up, lives in and trains in Austria but as you can imagine, it's way easier to qualify for the Mexican Olympic team since most of the people in his homeland have never even seen snow.

During his down time, the Prince considers himself a pop star and has even released eight albums under the names Royal Disaster and Andy Himalaya. You can check out his 2013 song "Higher Than Mars" below.