Metallica may not be planning on making a new album for another year or so but at least they still know how to entertain their fans. They were scheduled to play the Orion Music + More festival on Sunday night and among all the other bands, there was one that nobody knew about, DeHaan. Chances are you have never heard of the name but you know who they are. James Hetfield, Metallica frontman, came out on stage to introduce the mysterious band DeHaan on Saturday afternoon and after a brief introduction, he was joined on stage by the rest of Metallica, from which point they began to play their 1983 debut album, Kill 'Em All, in it's entirety, beginning with "Hit the Lights" and ending with "Metal Militia."

Now if your a die hard Metallica fan you may recognize DeHaan as the name of actor Dane DeHaan, who will be starring in Metallica's upcoming movie, Metallica Through The Never. And you may also know that next month is the 30th anniversary of the release of Kill 'Em All, which was released July 25, 1983, which may explain why the band picked the album to perform.

Metallica pulled the same trick last year, playing 1991's self-titled "black album" and 1984's Ride The Lightning on different nights. Drummer Lars Ulrich said that the band didn't necessarily want to do the same thing each year with a different album, and stated, "Obviously it's something that's a lot of fun to do, but you've got to just walk a fine line because you don't -- obviously Metallica's not interested in being, you know, a nostalgia act only. So we want to just find that right line."