Cowabunga, one of the TMNT is super excited today.

The teenage mutant ninja turtles were a huge part of my childhood. I probably had every toy imaginable, except the sweet van that I never got. I used to watch the first two movies every week and the first movie I remember seeing in theaters was TMNT 3. The third one is terrible do not go back and re-watch it. One of my first crushes was actually a "part" of the TMNT. April O'Neil, but the one from the second movie. Her name is Paige Turco. When I was five I couldn't determine who was more beautiful, April O'Neil or the pink ranger.

Well Megan Fox will be playing April O'Neil in the upcoming TMNT movie to be released in August. In a recent interview, she admitted when she was a kid her first crush was a ninja turtle. Which one though? Donatello the nerd(Sorry I hate him), Leonardo the leader, Raphael the a**hole or Michelangelo the party dude? Of course she picks the party dude Michelangelo. Don't act like you wouldn't want to go get pizza and beer with Michelangelo.