Women want to look good when they go to the beach, but sometimes you just don’t want to risk getting burned and feeling like you’re on fire for a few days. In China, women are flocking to the face-kini, a mask that covers the entire face to prevent them from getting burned.

The item of clothing has been flying off the shelves in that country, and manufacturers are coming up with new prints and designs. Yet the question still remains, why are women covering up so much while going to the beach?

In China, many women prefer to keep their skin pale. Sunscreen, as effective as it is, doesn’t always prevent a person from getting a tan. With the face-kini, they can cover up everything except the eyes, nose, and mouth, allowing the user to keep her light complexion.

Additionally, women cover up to prevent the rest of their body from becoming a darker shade, leading to what looks like a rather uncomfortable day at the beach.

What do you think? Is this something that you’d try, or that you’d gift your girlfriend?