Marilyn Manson recently left a premiere party for the movie Spring Breakers, and when he left he had a little extra treat – he smoke bombed the paparazzi. Prior to stepping out in front of the photographers, he paused behind a wall, waiting for the right moment to release the cloud of smoke. He then rushed past the crowd and got into the back seat of a vehicle.

As he enters the SUV, one photographer caught him smiling as though he had pulled off the best stunt ever before the driver pulled away from the crowd. We then see firemen come to the scene to take care of the “emergency,” with a second fire truck appearing moments later.

Celebrities are hounded constantly, so it’s understandable that they would get tired of the flash of cameras, but did Manson take it too far with this stunt? When emergency crews are called in for your “prank,” is it really worth it?