Mom this isn't the regular bag my toy comes in, what is this stuff?

Growing up in Baltimore, that is famous for its heroin overdoses, I honestly wasn't shocked by this kind of story. This however actually took place in Pittsburgh and that actually doesn't shock me either. Apparently if you wanted some heroine, you would go through the drive thru and "Order a toy". After handing over the money you would be given a happy meal box full of heroin.

Undercover agents set up a drug buy and arrested Shania Dennis, 26. Dennis denied wrongdoing to reporters as she was being led away in handcuffs. Authorities said they found 10 bags of heroin in a Happy Meal box and recovered another 50 bags from the suspect. I remember kids would actually just ask for toys at McDonald's back in the day. Don't think you should let your kids do that in Pittsburgh.