Earlier this week, Dairen Pittman of Virginia decided he was going to rob a convenience store. He got a mask and a gun, then did the deed, taking off with cash, cigarettes, and lottery tickets at two different locations.  Later, after winning on the scratch-off lottery tickets, he tried to cash them in, only to find himself winning a trip to jail instead.

It started earlier in the evening when Pittman and Diamond Tynes went to a J.B. Foodmart. Diamond is accused of being the getaway driver. Several hours later the pair went to a 7-Eleven, where Pittman is accused of once again committing an armed robbery.

Tynes claims she had no knowledge of what Pittman was up to.

 “According to her, he didn’t tell her what he was doing,” Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Deputy Detective J.P. Hopko told The Tiedewater News. “But she saw him with a mask, gun and the lottery tickets.”

Police informed lottery officials of the heist, and when Pittman tried to cash in his winnings later, the store clerk stalled him until police could arrive. It’s unknown how much the winnings were.

So basically, if you’re dumb enough to rob a store to begin with, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan. The only thing Pittman is winning is a trip to the police station. Yet it’s stories like this that make me love morons in the news.

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