A guy in Georgia takes the cake for smuggling an item into jail – police believe he brought in a .38 caliber gun by concealing it his rectum!

Michael Leon Ward was arrested on charges of drugs and related paraphernalia during a traffic stop, and was subsequently arrested. During the arrest, police searched him but found nothing. After bringing him to jail, he was subjected to a strip search, including a “squat and cough” to ensure he had nothing hiding in his cheeks.

It was the following day that cops found the gun in the toilet of his cell, along with reports from other inmates that he had a weapon.

The gun wasn’t loaded, but a test fire proved that the gun does in fact work. Maybe he swallowed the bullets and he’s just waiting for those to pass as well.

Would you shove a gun in your rectum? And why was it there to begin with? The hiding spot doesn’t really allow for a quick draw…