I’m sure the police have heard just about everything. People are great at blaming others, just like our most recent moron who hails for the beautiful state of Wisconsin. I say beautiful because I love their cheese. When police were called to a couple’s home for a domestic disturbance, the man involved said it was a ghost who hit his wife, not him.

Clearly Michael West isn’t the brightest of criminals. First and foremost I must say that no woman (or man for that matter) should be abused by their mate. It is not a laughing matter and I don’t condone what happened to Mrs. West.

Mrs. West told police that her husband had tried twice to strangle her and then hit her in the face when she attempted to call 911. Michael West, on the other hand, first told police that his wife had fallen several times, and then came out with the king of excuses – that a ghost had been the one to punch his wife.

Maybe she sings off-key when she’s alone in the house and the undead are tired of hearing it.

Oddly, the police didn’t believe the tale and arrested West, charging him with domestic abuse, battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. I wonder if he’ll tell is cell mate about his haunted home.