I’ve heard about some ridiculous calls to 911, and each one of them seems more moronic than the last. This one came from a man in Florida who dialed 911 because his wife wouldn’t let him check his Facebook page.

Doyle Hardwick had apparently been trying to check his page in peace, even getting his wife drunk in an effort to get her to go to bed. It didn’t work, however, and Hardwick finally cracked. He called for reinforcements because he “wanted someone to make my wife do what I wanted her to do.”

Interestingly, it’s not Hardwick’s first time making bogus calls to 911. He’s also called police to get a ride to his daughter’s house, and he’s also complained about neighbors who had been pooping in old vehicle fuel tanks.

This time police arrested him and charged him with misuse of 911. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail, but he never showed up for his jail time. Finally this week he turned himself in, and he’ll have plenty of time to think about when to call and when not to call 911.

Unless, of course, there’s something on his Facebook page that’s life-or-death. Like whether or not Sally Sue got a new outfit.

Huffington Post