Linkin Park’s new album, Living Things, hits stores on June 26th, but for now it’s streaming on iTunes. Mike Shinoda recently asked fans to wait for the album to come out, buy it, and then listen to it with friends. He recalled being in high school and doing just that with his favorite bands, eating lunch in a car while listening to a new album with friends and giving feedback on what they liked about the music. On Monday, Shinoda hosted a listening party for their upcoming album, but this time it wasn’t in a cramped car over a lunch break.

In addition to playing the album, the group was treated to a visual presentation. Afterward, Shinoda did a question and answer session.

The concept of getting together with friends to listen to a new album for the first time is something that I’ve never personally done. I asked Johnny Thrash about it, and he stated that he used to always do that with friends, which makes me feel a little left out. Hearing Mike Shinoda talk about getting together with others to create an experience actually gets me excited to do just that, so his campaign may just be successful. I can’t be the only one he’s reaching.

Have you ever done a listening party, whether it was in your car or a big event? Would you do it again?