For kids, Christmas is a magical time and for parents, Christmas is an excuse to get your kids to behave all month. Now if just telling your kids that Santa Clause is watching isn't working like it use to, why not send them a personalized video strait from the North Pole to get them in line.

Thanks to an app/website called Portable North Pole you can create a completely customized video in which Santa will call you by name, get on for you for not behaving or let you know how good you are being. You can even include pictures that will be used in your personalized video.

Once you've completed your video you can email links to it or post it on Facebook. And for an extra $6.99 you will be able to download an HD version of the video which you will then be able to share anyway you like including posting it to Youtube.

I didn't have to money to download the video so that I could put it on Youtube, but you can still see my personalized video by clicking this link.