With Tony Romo injuring his back last week the Dallas Cowboys needed to sign another quarterback to help backup Kyle Orton. They decided to bring back Jon Kitna who spent three seasons with Dallas. Well I guess Jon was in a giving mood this holiday season because he will be giving away all his money.

The Cowboys interviewed a bunch of available quarterbacks, but lets be honest in week seventeen it is pretty slim pickings. Jerry Jones and Jason Garret agreed the best suitable backup would be Kitna since he has worked in this offense before. Well Kitna has been coaching high school football in Tacoma, Washington and is also a math teacher at the school.

Well Kitna's high school just got a little richer. Kitna's donating his entire $53,000 game check from Sunday's game against the Eagles to Lincoln High school. Nice to see Kitna doing such an honorable gesture during the holidays. Hopefully this good karma gives the Dallas Cowboys a win on Sunday.