If you listen closely, you might hear Hulk Hogan's career rolling over in its grave.

Last week on WWE’s “Monday Night Raw”, guest host Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi jumped into the action, attacking performer Vicki Guerrero after her match with Trish Stratus.  Snooki took exception to comments made my Vicki and her associates Michelle McCool and Layla El (known as “Laycool”).  After the altercation, Snooki was challenged to a match at Wrestlemania 27 in April teaming up with Trish Stratus (returning to the company as a trainer for "Tough Enough") and WWE Superstar John Morrison against “Laycool” and Guerrero’s on-screen boyfriend Dolph Ziggler.

If I beat my head on the table any more, blood will start to come out of my ears.  As a long-time WWE fan, this was shaping up to be a great event with returning iconic wrestlers like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Trish Stratus.  I could even stomach the idea of Drew Carey being inducted into the celebrity section of the WWE Hall of Fame the night before Wrestlemania, which assures an appearance by Carey at the event itself, but not this!  Why her?  Could it be the threat of competition?  Last week, the closest thing to WWE’s competition Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) featured “Jersey Shore” cast member Angelina in a match on their weekly television show.

The last time they had a Wrestlemania match with little people in the same ring as full-sized wrestlers, one of them was crushed by King Kong Bundy.  (At 4’9″, Snooki is by definition a “little person”.)

This is a sad day for wrestling fans.  Unless she gets crushed by King Kong Bundy.

via WWE.com