That's right, don't let those gorgeous eyes fool ya.  This Hunnie is a pistol, pun intended!  You know, there are a few things that make hot women even hotter: cars, guns and more hot women.  And we have them all.  In fact, next week after the introduction of our next HomeBrew Hunnie, we'll introduce the final of those three choices.  But for now, get to know a little about this Hunnie and enjoy the super combo of Jenna and her idea of Homeland Security.

Favorite Rock Band:  Audioslave.

Any tattoos?  Yes, on my Right side at the top of my butt cheek .

Plan on any more tattoos?  I do want one more on my left shoulder blade.

Have you actually ever shot a gun and do you own one?  Yes I have shot a gun and do have my own it is a Glock 9 mm.

What super hero do you want to be?  Wonder Women

Did guys ever use cheesy pick up lines on you?  Many cheesy pick up lines.  A few include " Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven," "God must of spent a whole day making you," and "I don't know which is more beautiful today, the water, the sky, or your eyes."



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