NASCAR has it's fair share of bad boys, Jeff Gordon however doesn't usually come to mind, until now! Thanks to this new Pepsi MAX commercial he proves he's got what it takes to make the list!

Even if you're not a NASCAR or Jeff Gordon fan you'll love this video. No matter who your driver is, you'll appreciate Gordon. Not only for his insane driving skills, but his incredible sense of humor as well. Unless of course you're the poor person he takes on a test drive!

Recently Jeff Gordon set up a little prank during the off season with the help of Pepsi MAX. He went undercover, make up and all to fool an unsuspecting car salesman into letting him test drive a Chevy Camaro. Of course the salesman goes along for the ride, literally!

With the use of hidden cameras in his glasses, as well as a hidden camera in the can of Pepsi MAX he's carrying, he buckles up, starts it up and takes off! Steve, the salesman who goes for the test drive with Gordon doesn't realize he's being taken for a ride! His reactions are hilarious as he goes from concerned, terrified to pissed off!