Man the Japanese are such innovative, perverted geniuses!

Last week, a charity fundraiser was held in Shinjuku, Tokyo as part of the Erotica will Save the World (NSFW link) event where anyone who made a donation could then squeeze the naked breasts of female volunteers - best way to get a tax deduction ever!

There were 10 women that volunteered their breasts for the job, most of whom were Japanese porn stars.  Each donation got you two squeezes per hand, and if that wasn't enough you could jump back in line and cough up another donation for a couple more squeezes.

All of the money raised went to STOP!AIDS, a charity focused on awareness, treatment, and prevention of AIDS.

There's no word at what the minimum donation was for a squeeze, or how much money they raised, but we're guessing that it had to be a fortune.

Now where's the closest ATM? We've got some donations to make.