So here's the deal Buzzhead. I own a minivan.

That's the awful secret I've held inside for a while now, but I have my reasons for owning the damn thing.

No, I'm not some weird single dude who owns a bunch of cats and drives a minivan, quiet the opposite in fact (I'm a dog person).

The number one reason I'm the proud owner of a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country is because it was free. Why else would I be driving it?

Yes you heard me right, the minivan was 100% free. I was lucky enough to receive the van as a 'gift' from my grandparents, that's a good reason to drive it right?

Would you pass up a free car? I didn't think so, even if it was only four wheels and an engine it's better than going without.

So I ask of you Buzzheads, with all my reasoning aside, is it acceptable for a grown man to drive a minivan? I think I already know the answer but go ahead and let me know what you think.