Videos have surfaced on Facebook of Breaking Benjamin frontman Ben Burnley playing small shows throughout his home state of Pennsylvania which raises the question, is Breaking Benjamin getting ready to return to the spotlight?

A clip of Burnley playing an acoustic version of "Dear Agony" has already gained over 50,000 likes which is good enough proof that fans haven't forgotten about the band who's last album, Dear Agony, came out in 2009.

Since their last album, Burnley has dealt with health problems and a lawsuit in 2011 over who owned the rights of the band's name after he fired guitarist Aaron Fincke and bassist Mark Klepaski, who claimed Burnley lost the ability to fire them after announcing that he wouldn't be able to perform live anymore. Burnley won the lawsuit and held onto the name Breaking Benjamin earlier this year.

Even though he has made several club appearances, there has been no official announcement about the return of the band. Burnley has only promoted the shows via Twitter, inviting any and all local fans to "come hang out."

Burnley was asked a while ago why he still sticks around his home state of Pennsylvania, to which he answered, "Well it's my home, you know? It's my hometown. Like Pennsylvania in general, like central, northeastern Pennsylvania, I have roots in those areas. I have friends in this area, I have family in this area. I didn't get in a band to move to L.A. or New York. I got in a band because it's what I wanna do. So I don't see any reason to really leave my home state."

We'll just have to wait and see if these little club shows turn into more and whether or not Burnley will continue on as a solo artist or rebuild Breaking Benjamin from the ground up. Either way, we hope he continues writing and performing, it's pretty obvious his fan base still exist and is going strong.

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