Science is finally proving useful BuzzHead. We now know exactly how much ice you need to guarantee your beer is at that perfect temperature.

Physicist Rhett Allain is proving to all the younger kids that being a scientist does have it's perks.

In his most recent study, Allain has determined that the perfect amount of ice you need to chill a 12-pack to perfection is, drum roll please, 6.6 pounds of ice!

Technically, 6.6 pounds of ice will perfectly chill any kind of 12-pack, alcoholic or not, but who really cares if their Diet Coke is at that perfect temperature.

Allain ended up using all types of complex science stuff including thermodynamics to come up with this number, which breaks down to about 250 grams of ice per bottle.

So there you have it BuzzHead. Go grab that bag of ice and that 12-pack you've been dreaming of since Monday and start relaxing.