We joke that nobody cares about the Houston Astros and it turns out Houston does not care about the Astros.

Nielsen ratings came out for the local stations in Houston and one number definitely stood out. The Angels and Astros game on Monday got the rating of 0.0, yes they have the same grade as Bluto's GPA in Animal House. You would think maybe some people in Houston would tune in to check out the Angels at least, but nothing will help tuning into an Astros game.

This is not the first time this has happened to the Astros. An Astros game last September got a 0.0 rating. It was up against a Houston Texans game and actually lost to reruns of "21 Jump Street" and "The Cosby Show." Now the Nielsen ratings take a very small sample size and does not reflect the entire city of Houston. However it is still embarrassing to see a score of 0.0.