Former NFL all star Terrell Owens just shot a commercial talking about his days in Philadelphia and as we all remember things did not end well.

It is true what they say about Terrell Owens, you hate him until he is on your team. Now I will admit when Terrell got picked up by the Dallas Cowboys I was shocked and mad. Especially after what he did to the Cowboys star when he was on the 49ers. Once he started catching touchdowns the hate was all gone. I seriously believe Terrell came to the Cowboys just to piss off the Eagles. What team do the Eagles hate more than any other team? The Cowboys.

Well this awesome new Carl's Jr commercial is for a new Philly cheese steak burger. Terrell says he had a love/hate relationship with Philadelphia. He loved the food, but the fans hated him. Now he can enjoy the deliciousness of a Philly cheese steak anywhere in the country. By the way if your Philly cheese steak does not have cheese whiz on it, it is not authentic.

Check Out the New Carl's Jr Commercial Below: