We all fail from time to time, but when someone else is failing, it's so much more fun to watch. Lucky for us, video cameras are at our fingertips at all times, so friends get to film us at our worst and post it to YouTube. Sure, the people who are slamming their face into the ground or making a fool of themselves may not like it, but the rest of us can sit back and enjoy. This is one such hilarious fail compilation for your enjoyment.

This video doesn't show just one type of fail. Instead, it harnesses falls, spills, and errors from all walks of life, including gymnastics, motor racing, drunkenness, and even cat fails. My favorite comes from the woman at around 7:22, who can't figure out a door. Pesky doors, they're so hard to figure out.

Have you ever caught an epic fail on video? Did you post it to the Internet?